What is a Heating or Cooling System?

What is a heating or cooling system?

What’s a system?

There are many different types of systems that can make your home, and your life, more comfortable. Here’s how everything works together.

When your Banner Elk Heating and Air dealer builds your system, they’ll help you choose from a variety of configurations based on your climate and your needs. A typical system includes an air conditioner or a heat pump outside, and a furnace or air handler inside, all controlled by a thermostat.

Your environment, your way, every day.

takes control to a whole new level. Every system is built from the best-performing heating, cooling and air quality equipment. So you get more in every way. More precise temperatures. More control. More healthy air. And more control over your energy costs, with air conditioners that are up to twice as efficient as conventional systems and gas furnaces that squeeze more heat out of every dollar.

Split System

The most common type of system. In this configuration, an indoor unit such as an air handler or furnace works in tandem with an outdoor unit that is either an air conditioner or heat pump. Together, they circulate cool air throughout your home in the summer, and warm air in the winter.

Dual-Fuel system

When a heat pump is paired with a gas furnace, it creates a system that can use either gas or electricity to keep you warm. Your system will automatically switch back and forth between the two for maximum energy efficiency.

Package units

A package unit is an entire home heating and cooling system in one. The furnace and either heat pump or air conditioner are contained in a single unit.


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February 4, 2020